Fully portable area security system with no pre-defined perimeter.

What’s ralen watchman?

The Watchman system provides a fully portable area security system where there is no pre-defined perimeter. Each Watchman pack comprises of six independent ground based sensor units with a detection radius of 6 m covering between them a total of 100 square metres. If a human being enters the monitored area, the sensor detecting the intruder emits a signal to the central unit, which displays a warning light in conjunction with an acoustic alarm. The light identifies which sensor has been activated and thereby the position of the intruder. Signals between the remote units and the central control are transmitted wirelessly up to a distance of 2000 metres.

Positioning and activation of the units is extremely straight-forward; each Watchman is self testing, and confirms its operational functionality to the central control which displays a green light accordingly. The units are powered by NiCd batteries which are recharged from the central console every 8-14 hours. Operating temperature range extends from -40°C to +80°C.


  1. Power Supply
    • Internal re-chargeable Pb battery 12V/5Ah
    • Charging via central unit adapter 230/ 19VDC/5A
    • Operating time 8-14 hours, power saving mode 18 hours
  2. Operational Conditions
    • Temperature -40°C to +80°C
    • Humidity to 90%
  3. Alarm Indication
    Acoustic and optical warning will require acknowledgement by operator (by pressing ACK button)
  4. Construction Standards
    EN 60529: 1991, IEC 60529:1989, EN 300 330, EN 50371, Protection IP67
  5. Dimensions
    • Length 52 cm, width 39 cm, height 23 cm
    • Weight of central unit with sensors 20 kg
    • Weight of central unit without sensors 10,2 kg
    • Number of sensors per central unit 6 pcs.


  1. Power Supply
    • Internal re-chargeable NiCd battery 12V/1.5Ah
    • Charging via central unit adapter 230/ 19VDC/5A
    • Operating time 8-14 hours, power saving mode 18 hours
    • Intelligent detection of power level with automatic shut-down to conserve power for emission of locator signal.
    • Low voltage indicator located in central control unit
  2. Communication
    • Duplex mode with intelligent self-repair coding
    • Carrier frequency is 434MHz
    • Transmitter range : 500 m in closed area 2000 m in open area
    • GPS position receiver
  3. Detector reference field frequency
    • Range - 135kHz
    • Field - < 13dbm