Bus Guard

System designed to detect any human cargo in the luggage compartments of buses.

What’s ralen bus guard?

The system uses an underfloor, horizontally mounted sensor with a protective durable plastic cover which is designed to detect anybody who may have secreted themselves in the baggage area or lower part of the vehicle. As for all Ralen Epofat products the technology employed is entirely passive and consequently harmless for operators and detected individuals alike. The system will detect the presence of any living human being by analysis of the unique human electromagnetic signature, and will immediately display on a central control computer.

The sensor is operated from a control workstation situated nearby in an appropriate booth or room. Inspection and detection data is stored centrally. When a bus or people carrier approaches it must be stopped in exactly the correct place over the sensor, the driver and passengers leave the bus to a designated area and then the Bus Guard will examine the vehicle for any human presence. This will take less than 60 seconds thereafter the driver and passengers may return to the bus.

The equipment comprises:

  1. One below ground level horizontally mounted sensor, 0.3x0.3x10 meters in length, and an analyzer unit.
  2. One cabinet containing control unit – industry RACK contents
    • LCD monitor - 2pcs
    • Keyboard and mouse - 1pc
    • Digital Video Recorder - 1pc
    • UPS - 1pc
    • Industry PC - 1pc
    • circuit- breakers blocks for equipments, the electronic systems and software interconnecting cables and accessories
  3. Four positional external CCTV kameras

Technical specifications

Power supply

U = 230V~ / 50Hz, In = 10 A, class 1

Operational conditions

Externally installed equipment:
Temperature - 20°C to + 60°C
Humidity 20% - 99%
Protection IP54
Internally installed equipment
Temperature 0°C to + 40°C
Humidity 20% - 80%
Protection IP44/20

Alarm indication

optical on LCD display and acoustic (optional)

Signal output

NC / NO max.1A, LAN (optional)

Detector reference field frequency

range - 135 kHz
field - >72 dB μA/m

Monitoring range

up to 2m radius


loop antenas, impedance 50ohm

EU Standard

EN 300 330-1 v 1.3.1: 2001