RALEN Research Center was established in 2003, Bratislava, Slovakia, EU. The center specializes in developing and producting a range of detection and perimeter security products, using an industry leading and unique technology. Our solutions are capable of passively detecting human presence and ignore any other organic interference on the basis of EU PAT. No.: 1797447.

Biomagnetic human field

EPOFAT system

EPOFAT technology is based on the comparison of homogenous electromagnetic fields created by every living organism. Every human has a unique level, that can be calculated and measured using EPOFAT system.

The system is capable of measuring fields of encased subjects. This can be any material or substance.

The devices are wireless, operate on a GPS basis and will be soon compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

Rass security system

RASS-1 is a special coaxial cable Sensor which works on the principle capacity comparison. The cable is braided in standard way and can be fitted to existing walls and fences, or built directly into the wall.

The digital analyzer is braided to mechanically protect the sensor itself. Analyzer evaluates all the readings and generates an impulse response (alarm signal) to the central unit.