Coaxial cable based detection system to secure fences and walls.

What’s ralen rass-1?

RASS-1 is a special coaxial cable Sensor which works on the principle capacity comparison. The RaSS system is a classically braided cable system which can be fitted to existing walls and fences or built directly into walls. The digital analyzer is braided, which mechanically protects the sensor itself and which evaluates all processes and generates an impulse response (alarm signal) to the central unit.

RaSS is used to secure premises and areas of:

  • Chain link fence
  • Lattice fence, boundary wall, security fence
  • Inside the boundary wall – against demolition attack
  • Under ground

Examples of Use:

  • Fence protection of hydro plants
  • Fence protection of power plants and substations
  • Fence protection of airports and hangars
  • Fence security in free warehouses and parking lots
  • Security in production houses and industrial areas
  • Signal walls generation in special cases

Technical parameters of the sensor cable::

Maximum length of the cable:

1000 meters for one analyser unit

Minimum length of the cable:

10 meters

Capacity of the cable:

100 pF/m

Termination impedance:

1 Mohm

Operating temperature range:

-40C to +85C

Technical parameters of the analyser unit:

Operating voltage:

12 VDC typical, can range from 9 to 24 VDC.

Operating current:


Operating temperature range:

-40C to +85C

Ingress protection rating:

IP54 (Classic)
IP65 (Anti-vandal)

Stand By mode of operation possible.



Normally closed contact (0.5 A)


Normally closed contact (0.5 A)