Virtual Fence

Discreet system detects and record humans breaching line of perimeter.

What’s ralen virtual fence?

The system is set exclusively for the electromagnetic field of humans, and does not react to other electromagnetic fields of live organisms such as animals. It also serves for detecting the presence of live persons moving through extremely inaccessible terrains. The human detector is mounted in a resistant laminate cover with integrated audio / video systems and industrial PC which autonomously processes all audio/video inputs and detection signals. These inputs are processed via the communication interface (LAN, WiFi, etc.) and sent to the control database center.

This solution allows you to create a different combination of detectors from 1 pc to 255 pcs for connecting in the line with detection area of 25-30 m each other in one zone. The numbers of individual zones are alterable as necessary.

One box with dimensions 420x420x2500 mm includes:

  1. antenna - 1pc
  2. CCTV kamera - 2pcs
  3. sensitive directional microphones - 2pcs
  4. UPS - 1pc
  5. LAN switch (optional) - 1pc
  6. wireles router (optional) - 1pc
  7. Industry PC - 1pc
  8. circuit- breakers blocks for equipments, the electronic systems and software interconnecting cables and accessories - 1 block

The system operates from any AC mains supply providing 230 Volts. In case of a power failure the system is backed up with a UPS.

Technical specifications

Power supply

U = 230V~ / 50Hz, In = 10 A, class 1

Operational conditions

Externally installed equipment:
Temperature - 40°C to + 80°C
Humidity 20% - 99%
Protection IP54

Alarm indication

optical on LCD display and acoustic (optional)

Signal output

LAN (optional)

Detector reference field frequency

range - 135 kHz
field - >72 dB μA/m

Monitoring range

up to 30m radius


dipole combined with loop antenna, impedance 50ohm

EU Standard

EN 300 330-1 v 1.3.1: 2001