About RALEN Research Center

RALEN Research Center was established in 2003, Bratislava, Slovakia, EU. The center specializes in developing and producting a range of detection and perimeter security products, using an industry leading and unique technology. Our solutions are capable of passively detecting human presence and ignore any other organic interference on the basis of EU PAT. No.: 1797447.

Our patents are also registered outside of EU countries, namely in USA, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, India and with registrations currently being reviewed in other countries.

Our products are globally recognized and were tested and validated, among many others, by following institutionns:

  • SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego
  • MIT Lincoln Labs, Boston
  • Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC
  • Slovak Testing Authority

R&D goals

  • Detecting human within larger area using unmanned helicopter
  • Detecting humans under ground
  • Detecting humans inside standard ISO containers when loading and unloading in ports
  • Small-sized personal detector for personal use
  • Identifying specific person via biofield