Gate Guard

Flexible system engineered to detect concelead humans in vehicles.

What’s ralen gate guard?

Epofat Gate Guard System is used for detecting human beings in restricted areas of commercial vehicles. The Gate Guard consists of multiple individual components and modules that together offer the ultimate, people-friendly and automatic unit.

  • The system utilizes four closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) that provide real-time footage of the vehicle being scanned.
  • The monitoring process is fully automated.
  • The structure itself consists of four parts that are independent from each other.
  • The independent Epofat scanners are placed on a structure and supported by four steel columns.
  • The vehicle to be scanned parks beneath.
  • The complexity of our hardware and software components makes it nearly impossible to manipulate or tamper with the system.
  • The completed scan of the vehicle is archived in the system’s central unit.
  • The system can be monitored both on location and offsite, reducing the chance of potential human error.

The equipment comprises:

  1. Four detectors
  2. One cabinet containing control unit – industry RACK contents
    • LCD monitor - 2pcs
    • Keyboard and mouse - 1pc
    • Digital Video Recorder - 1pc
    • UPS - 1pc
    • Industry PC - 1pc
    • circuit- breakers blocks for equipments, the electronic systems and software interconnecting cables and accessories - 1pc
  3. Four external CCTV kameras

The system operates from any AC mains supply providing 230 Volts. In case of a power failure the system is backed up with a UPS in the system rack.

Technical specifications

Power supply

U = 230V~ / 50Hz, In = 10 A, class 1

Operational conditions

Externally installed equipment:
Temperature - 20°C to + 60°C
Humidity 20% - 99%
Protection IP54
Internally installed equipment
Temperature 0°C to + 40°C
Humidity 20% - 80%
Protection IP44/20

Alarm indication

optical on LCD display and acoustic (optional)

Signal output

LAN (optional)

Detector reference field frequency

range - 135 kHz
field - >72 dB μA/m

Monitoring range

up to 6m radius


dipole combined with loop antenna, impedance 50ohm

EU Standard

EN 300 330-1 v 1.3.1: 2001